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let me tell you

a little more

about me.

​If you are thinking of inviting me to one of the most intimate day's of your life, it is only fair that I tell you a little about me:

I was born by the sea so I guess that implies a natural and boundless love for mediterranean light. Over the last years I've had the pleasure of capturing destination weddings, couples from all around the world that decide to set their big day's scenario in Sitges, Barcelona or la Costa Brava.

I am one of those persons capable of feeling nostalgia for ridiculously recent events. Capturing those moments feels like self-defense against time.

I love invisibles: feelings, light, love, friendships, all kinds of bonds and promises, fear, hopes. All that which is beautiful, because it's ephemeral. It shows briefly in a dad's smile, in a mother's hug, in a look between best friends.

I love being in the background. I am a discreet person, so that is kind in my nature. I like observing silently the split of a second emotions that mean everything. I enjoy rawness and in order to capture that I need to subtely merge into place, into your family, into your friends. I will laugh with you, I will dance with you.

Over the last years I’ve been working in the wedding sector as well as as a for spanish televisión (RTVE) being the cinematographer for a weekly cultural program. I’ve also worked as a photographer and videographer for comercial projects and I’m currently teaching photography and media at university (UOC). You can have at my commercial projects here.